How to Code

I snapped a picture of a coworker’s “script” he is working on utilizing the object libraries we develop. Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong.
How to code
1) PrtScn a bunch of stuff
2) Paste into MSPaint
3) Add giant headers for reference
4) Print
5) Highlight the shit out of stuff
6) Strike-out any redundancies stemming from poor MSPaint-ing
7) Break out the pink highlighter
8) Locate someone to do your job for you
9) Ship it

Re-Imaging Windows (For Work)

The Bozeman Oracle branch doesn’t have desktop support. As luck has it, I am a talented enough sleuth to troubleshoot Windows issues.

Me: “I have a virus that has infected a library used by IE. McAfee isn’t picking it up, and I can’t find any remedies online.”
Me: “Did you try rebooting?”
Me: “Yes. Several times.”
Me: “From the Control Panel, you can disable Windows features. Disable IE and use an alternate browser.”
Me: “The product I develop requires IE for installations.”
Me: “Curious. Re-image your machine.”

See…no need for the middle man.

windows re imaging

I haven’t horsed around with a Windows install for ages…getting a nice sense of nostalgia.

Working for Oracle

Same title; different managment; same cube; different name on the virtual paystub. The M&A is complete…I’m officially working for Oracle. Excitedly working, in fact.

working for oracle
oracle | right now

I find it amuzing that my employer is holding the reigns of Java. I initially started doing Android dev half-ly out of curiosity, and half-ly for career protection / growth. Now I am testing dot netty stuff for the guys who win most enterprise contracts and prevent dot nettiness from occurring in the first place. Sort of crazy, in a good way.

Cheers to new things…

Virtually Awesome

You may be wondering how I could one-up my work setup. Probably not, but play along.

We are too .NET-y for me to nuke Windows, but Oracle-y enough to get carte blanch on a whole bunch of new stuff.

Item one: VM Virtual Box Manager

virtually awesome

I have an Ubuntu box rolling on the far right and an Oracle Linux box dead center. DropBox setup on the base machine and virtuals, for quick file mashing…diffing…command line python…grepping, etc. Good stuff.

The only thing that could be more virtually awesome would be a fourth monitor running Arch Linux. Virtually unbeatable.