Online Mind Fitness

Fun fact: math guys find math stuffs in non-math stuffs

Fun tip: don’t study number theory

Fun tip bonus aside: If you think of numbers as things instead of numbers, they will take on funny little characteristics.

Fun anecdote: I was taking a look at a sweet site about Mind health, and noticed they had an awesome number on the page…

prime number 353
is prime (yes)

I have no idea whether or not Cognifit was trying to slap that particular number on their site on purpose, but it is a good math number. Do explain…okay.

353 is both prime, and a palindrome. Remember “Madam, I’m Adam.” from school? Take that, make it a number, and moreover make it a number that is only divisible by one and itself… you have a crazy little thing like 353.

How do I pick that up? Mental fitness. How does one pick that up? Practice. Plain and simple.

Your brain works much the same way that any other of your body systems work. Want big swollen biceps? Grab some dumbbells, do some curls. Want a big, awesome brain? Grab some mental dumbbells, do some brain curls. Curls get the girls…be them brain or biceps.

Joking aside, it is proven that you must keep your memory and problem solving skills working in order to fend off getting old, slow, sluggish, etc. That link above is of some serious value…fun brain fitness activities are the best type. Stay sharp, readers.

Holler with any palindromic primes…I’m on the hunt.