Joe Sombrero

Adios amigos.
Sombrero Joe
I am off to write the script for National Lampoon’s Mexican Vacation… B.O.B. is holding down the bar; Katie is holding down the DDR pads.

B.O.B. Shooting, Revisited

bob's big head
1) Dennis Francis Buckley and Sgt. Tim love to point out how large Bob’s head is.
2) It turns out that I am much more apt to fuck around with my computer as I avoid reading my physics.


What a week! I just got back to town after one hell of a vacation. I was almost too busy to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, which coincidentally falls very near to the winter solstice. Whatever.

I started by getting back together with the ol’ gang from high school. Not much has changed for the most part.

Then Griff and ShirtShopTony did some cool ballooning.

Lastly. upon arriving back to Bozeman I swung down to the Legion to check the schedule only to find the ‘Hoff enjoying a cocktail. Mitch Buchanan himself. David was nice enough to pose for a quick picture before ordering another Gui Thai.

From Alum to Ranger

This is my *first attempt at animation. Not bad for twenty odd minutes of work. It turns out that the Photoshop help index is useful.

Here is my projected regression of Daryl’s facial hair as he moves from his current stage of life to that of a Montana Fish and Game warden.

This tool may usher in a whole new level of obscurity for You are all welcome.