Not a UFO…just a little SLBM

Unfortunately the swirly light thing over Norway wasn’t a visitor from outer-space. You crazy-ass Scientologists will have to wait for Xenu…turns out the spiral was just a little Ruskie submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that failed..


Per the BBC:
“A Russian test launch of an intercontinental missile has failed, resulting in a white light seen over parts of Norway.

The submarine-based Bulava ballistic missile failed when launched from the White Sea, the Defence Ministry’s press office told Itar-Tass news agency.

Russian newspapers had earlier reported the failure. At least six of 13 previous tests also ended in failure.

The Bulava can carry six individually targeted nuclear warheads.

It is designed to have a range of 10,000km (6,200 miles), but its repeated failures have caused embarrassment for Russia which hoped it would support its nuclear deterrent. “

Great! Just a little SLBM mishap. Let’s just assume that Russia and the States are buddies (or over 10,000km apart) and get back to worrying about Tiger Woods.

Unidentified Swirly Thing Over Norway

I’m going to side with the realists and say that this is likely due to a rocket, (exhaust, or out-gassing payload) and not a UFO…



…but just in case, welcomes our swirly overlords. Click on some ads.


Got any Hulkamaniacs on your X-Mas list?


For a mere $5, you will have him/her more pumped up than Big John Stud after winning the $15,000 body slam match against Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania 1. Look it up, little Hulksters.

MJ’s Funeral Guest List Surprise

I found this on the Drudge Report….pretty amazing list

List of guests invited to public memorial service for Michael Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles:
Larry King

Dionne Warwick

LeVar Burton

Mariah Carey

Spike Lee

Wesley Snipes

Lou Ferrigno

Stevie Wonder


Lionel Richie

Brooke Shields

Kobe Bryant

Berry Gordy

Jennifer Hudson

Magic Johnson

John Mayer

Chris Brown

The Rev. Jesse Jackson

The Rev. Al Sharpton

Smokey Robinson

Queen Latifah

Martin Luther King III

Bernice A. King

Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on “Britain’s Got Talent”)

Pastor Lucious Smith (family friend)

Ron Boyd (family friend)

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

Mickey Rooney and wife, Jan Chamberlin

Mario Lopez

Corey Feldman

^ the Pezer…Mario Lopez made it. Why not?

My Mom is Crazy

I’ll let you decide. Here is my mom (right) holding a quilt, next to a neighborhood child wearing a quilt, her Halloween costume. No shit.

I know the King of Pop named his child ‘Blanket’…I have heard the explanation twice and am still flabbergasted.

Tampa Bay Rays

Wow. I am not sure if Jesus or Jeb Bush is behind this, but it looks as if the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are no longer as of the 2008 season. Say hello to the Tampa Bay Rays!

Lovely home uniforns

Lovely road uniforms

I am curious what South Florida Little League team’s uniform served as the model for these beauts. Back up…what FL grocery store sponsored the Little League team that inspired the design of this horrible design .My money is on Ray’s.