Free Cheese Poster…Get ’em While ‘e’re Hot

Like posters? Cheese? Free junk? Hells yeah, me too.


Eat Wisconsin Cheese via is offering an awesome free poster with the following hype:

“Do you love cheese but you’re not familiar with a particular cheese variety? Do you like trying new cheeses? Refer to this handy guide for 33 popular cheese varieties from Wisconsin. Contains cheese descriptions, cheese storage guidelines, buying tips, handling and cooking guidelines and tips on serving a Wisconsin Cheese Course.”

I love cheese, and am quite familiar with particular cheese varieties. Feta? Check. Brie? Check. Pepper Jack? Yep, know that shit, too. Have some in the ol’ ice box right now. I’ll take that poster though…it’ll look great in my cubicle.

Things I Hate: Toasters


I hate toasters. Why this ill-conceived piece of shit has become a staple in the American kitchen and/or kitchenette is beyond me.

Toasters render bread sharp and dangerous to the mouth.
Tosters re-cook cooked bread.
Toasters make bread taste stale.
Toasters serve the same purpose as the oven broiler, but only for bread.
Toasters serve the same purpose as a George Foreman grill, but only for bread.
And lastly…
Toasters look like Honda Elements. v

meep meep
meep meep

Six Minute Abs…

No…seven! Seven Minute Abs! You cannot even break a sweat in six minutes!

I share a love/hate relationship with WalMart…loved it on this day.


I wonder if any copies of this still exist…I want to learn the King Tut

Ghost Ride the Whip

Here is a pretty sweet video of KO’s Club manager Dubbz ghost riding a Geo

Oddly enough, the picture included in the above linked wikipedia page is of the same car. Bizarre.