Invoking the Triforce

The three constituents of the Triforce are Power, Wisdom, and Courage…

baum bat
the baum

triforce baum bat
3 shards

…I’ve got wisdom and courage on lock, but am hoping the Baum Bat customization lends itself to more power.

Baseball and Zelda, for the wins.

Rattle Can Makeover

Impatiently awaiting my Dremel from Amazon, I made an executive decision that Clocky’s bright orange motif had to go. Clocky already had some big rims; sort of like my SS. Sort of too like my Yukon. Hmm…black and chrome…sort of a no-brainer.

Step 1: teardown / spray paint

tear down

Step 2: Re-assemble

bringin sexy black
sum of parts

Much better. Hoping to have the little guy rotary-drilled and souped-up before too long. Check back in soon.

Custom Auto Detailing

ridin derdy
ridin derty

Customizing your Silverado SS is easy. You’ll need:

* Spray Paint
* Junk Mail, and
* Masking Tape

That’s it. Mask off the areas you don’t want murdered-out with the mail and tape. Rattle can the areas you want murdered. The end.

Day Off Rundown

Happy Presidents Day. I like Taft, because he was fat.

Here is what I did, on my day off from banking software.

1) Attacked our clogged kitchen sink dilemma, again.

Snake, In

~~Pretty glad I opted not to be a plumber, even though I rule at plumbing. Not really about the ruling, but I most assuredly would hate to be a plumber.

snake, also ftl
Snake, Out

2) Busted out the vacuum. Pretty sure I opted not to be a vacuum-er for my profession. I’m pretty good with a vacuum, though.

spelled wrongly
vaccum? vacuum? vacumm?

3) 5.5 miles on the elliptical. Hulu is the best thing to happen to working out at home, and Nova is the best thing to happen to Hulu. I learned about deciphering Mayan writing today. It was pretty awesome.

elliptical trainer
blurry, because I'm kicking ass

4) Did a little spray paint art…a.k.a. “Man Art” It will eventually be a samurai…pretty manish.

mona lisa of rattle cans
suck it, Da Vinci

5) Currently, doing a little blogging, with Smokie on Pandora in the background.

It’s a wrap.