Seiko Solar Watches

I will fully admit that a product that includes ‘solar’ in its name already has my attention. One of my ‘hindsight being what it is’ items involves biting the bullet, being broke, and going full on physics mode after undergrad. Montana State has a great solar physics department…could have been super nerdy. Next level nerd-dom. I guess I’m sort of trapped in this level nerd-dom.

Still, solar perks up my ears. This product, then, already has my focus…

seiko solar watch

That watch, my friends, is a genuine Seiko SNE177 Mens Watch Black Stainless Steel Solar Quartz Link Bracelet Black Dial watch. I have been checking out Seikos for a while, and really like the look of the Seiko Solar Watches. Very cool.

Bluedial has the Seiko SNE177 or a hundred and sixteen bucks (and some change) less than the retail value, which is a bonus. A bonus too would be the spec sheet to this device…good to 100m pressures and the whole works. Not too shabby.

The time fight between watches and cell phones is still in full force. Watches are going strong still, due in large part to units like the Seiko Solar line. Stylish and practical…the colloquial double threat.

I’ll keep you posted if I come across some geekier watch lines. Solar takes the early cake…