WP 3.2 Dual Fail | PHP and MySQL

My good friend Alexi from Siteground assured me that my new server is a good one. One that has MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2.17. Even though my cpanel was reporting 5.2.17, such was not the case for my PHP version…as fate would have it, my WordPress update to 3.2 puked violently.

I did the prudent thing; edited my .htaccess root file, etc. After getting good old swantron.com up and rolling, I still couldn’t access my admin page. That let me know that my SQL junk was also fishy.

Looks like I need to look into self-hosting options.

wordpress update error with php and sql
stock image? perhaps... something about sql... something about php

Long story short, Alexi got me migrated to a server with some real deal software. Siteground may have had my site hosted on some bullshit tech, but they did get me up and running quickly. I have done some research, and my server neighbors used to be primarily pr0n sites…I wish them luck with their hosting. Guessing they were unaffected by this upgrade that made me stumble, but if not, my condolences to the pervs.

We will see…I might get into the hosting biz.