Bored? Well, you could sit around with your bowl haircut and feel sorry for yourself…


…or alternatively, you could do something awesome.

Mac user? You guys have it made. My favorite thing about Vista, maybe, was the fact they pre-loaded mahjong…Mac users, check out these mahjong games for mac. If you prefer to kick it old school (think Apple 2GS old school), give spider solitaire for mac a shot. Fun times will ensue.

Of course, music is always an option…namely royalty free music over at audiobank. Hit the link to check out some tunes…legally for once, you criminals.

If those suckers don’t work, you can always look at that kid ^ some more. He is amusing.

Netflix on Wii

Well, Netflix streaming is finally coming to the Wii. In one fell swoop, there goes one of my two reasons for getting a PS3.


Live streaming will hit Nintendo’s console this spring, according to a today’s joint announcement between the two companies. The setup will be nearly identical to that of the PS3, with a free disc available from Netflix needed to stream…no additional charges, however.

I’m not sure how the Wii will compare to the PS3, since it’s 720 output seems like a stretch. I do like some HDMI…not really excited to fire up the RCAs again. I’ll give it a shot when it drops.