Eclipse and IOIO

Five Volts are so 2010. I’m all over this three and three-tenths Volts stuff.

3.3 volts ioio arduino sketches
here we go

Don’t call it a comeback. I blew the dust off of my IOIO board, and am ready to do some 3.3V stuffs. I have already deduced that my PowerSwitch Tail won’t relay at 3.3V, but will make a switching noise and fire the on-board LED. Lesson learned. I guess I had better get serious with my EE…this is a circuitry step up from the Arduino without a doubt.

Expect a project and some code soon. I am going to make something work.

Twitter Project Teaser

A while back, I tossed a little concept video out to the nets regarding CLI interface with my site’s comments and an LCD screen. I figured that I could do a similar thing with my Twitter account…spurred largely by Adafruit’s Make it Tweet challenge. Well, it turns out that Twitter has a few hurdles to jump, in regards to posting tweets to an account.

My failed usage from the command line was utilising curl

> curl -u swantron:pass -d status=”command line test”

I was getting an error message, that basic authentication was not supported. For the loss.

It turns out that you need a few keys in order to authenticate, which requires registering an app with Twitter… like this

twitter dev account

There we go…keys in hand. Now, I need to figure out how to sew this together using curl or wget. If all else fails, I am pretty sure there is a py library that I can snag. Stay tuned…this one could be fun.