Surfer Trekkie Gear

Toes to the nose…of the USS Enterprise holo-deck. Do you like surfing? Star Trek? This is your product, champ:

hang 10, nerds
hang 10, in your parents' basement

Let me say off the bat that the only thing I know about surfing comes from multiple viewings of Blue Crush. Awesome movie. “I’m not cha brah”…”these my dah-donk-a-donks”…classic lines. Not really. Let me also say that I’m not uber-knowledgable on the ‘Trek, either. Once Jar-Jar and the kid from The Sixth Sense came into the fray, the series went downhill. And those Tribbles…what was that all about?

If you, on the other hand, are into the above things, pick one up.