Work Monitor Upgrade

Add another 17″ monitor to the boneyard…I’ve upgraded to a new 24″ widescreen.

triple monitors

One step closer to my end-goal of two 24″ screens to supplement my 17″ notebook. Big glowing rectangles, FTW.

Triple Monitors at Work

It kills me a little bit inside every time I boot into Windows at work. Just a little bit. It seems like Microsoft is following Canonical’s lead, by introducing an Ubuntu-like hover bar deal to the taskbar in Windows 7. I won’t bother myself with figuring out who is doing the aping…we’ll just leave it at that.

Anyhow, the first real impressive feature I have found with Windows 7 is seamless handling of multiple monitors.

three monitors on windows 7

Getting triple monitors was *nearly plug and play. A few resolution tweaks and a reordering was all it took.

For what it is worth, that monitor placement is strategic. Suffice to say my view is much, much better now. (shutters)