Sinks are the New Tubs

I am an amateur plumber. Amateur plumber EXTRAORDINAIRE.

Not really though…my last experience with plumbing involved thirty feet of plumber’s snake and a horribly corroded, angled, 60 year-old, cast-iron pipe to the plumb-out.

Not that I’m venting, or anything.

Regardless, I’ll turn that lemon into some lemonade. To the max. I have a great deal of respect for some awesome (and functional) kitchen set-ups. When putting together a dynomite kitchen setup, step one is to figure out how to incorporate some stainless steel sinks. Note the plurality…there is no such thing as a ‘too many sink’ situation.

Peep this…

blue steel...breathtaking

I’m jealous. No kidding. That good looking fella pictured above is a Mr Direct sink. We have a remodel looming on the horizon, obviously. I’d gladly shell out some loot for a sink of that caliber…and by caliber, I both mean the high quality of the sink, and of the width of the steel, or the ‘caliber’ of the metal.

Sinks FTW, Austin Powers quote in 2010 FTL. You win some; you lose some.