BOC Unboxing

It (still) never rains…

boc woot
crappy woot crap is bag of crappy

The second woot bag of crap is equally as crappy.

…as much as I like refurbished ethernet routers, I think BOC round two wins. Winning being on an inverted scale, whereas less crappy is awarded more points.

I can chop up USB Guard Dog for its infared sensor, and the small Swanson girl will play with the caped monkey. Win win for the win…

Business Card 2.0

Ramiro…I dig your style.

Ramiro FTW

Spanish telecom extraordinaire and all around hero Ramiro Pareja Veredas has the coolest business cards ever. Printed onto a card, with a male USB interface…if you have the pleasure of getting one of these from ol’ Ramiro, you can plug it into your computer and see his HTML resume, etc.

seems a touch wide

Per Ramiro himself:

Clearly, it is not the cheaper business card in the world (about 5 euros/piece for a small batch order), but it is a (relatively) small price for having a card in your pocket that has more CPU power than the computer that led the man to the moon.

I wonder if Ramiro knows about the internet…it seems like his HTML resume could easily be placed on that thing. I’m not much of a computer guy, though…I could be wrong.

+1 interesting.
+1 nerdy
+1 moon reference
-1 I’d still throw it directly in the trash, as I do with all other business cards I procure.

+1 Nerd

My Arduino is in da houze!

+1 Nerd

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform…and it is awesome. I went for the Arduino Duemilanove, packaged nicely with some LEDs, resisters, leads, and solderless breadboard. Did I mention this bad-boy employs USB connectivity? Prototyping, FTW!

Next step: get this sucker talking to Ubuntu on my Mini 9.
Step after that: turn on some LEDs
Step even after that: MF-ing robot

+1 Nerd, indeed.