Cruz Tablet Review

As much as I love hanging out at root, there is no way to justify doing so for the sake of a piece of shit eReader.

Velocity Cruz…Android 2.2, awful firmware, and laughable hardware…

useless tab is useless

…sum to a bunch of bullshit. This tablet is the worst.

I’ve made this thing usable by removing the stock apps via ADB, disabling javascript (really?) from the stock browser, and manually pushing the strangely nonexistent Google app set over via the SD card.

The confusing part is the fact that Velocity’s latest firmware update fails to solve the issue that chokes both the stock Android browser and Dolphin HD…I updated thinking my refurb was dated. Nope. Apparently this is exactly the product that the clowns at Velocity intended to hit the market.

Hats off.

I’ll extract function out of this thing..the price-point pretty much ensures that. I tracked down a MIPS version of Opera that should work out, and have some ideas with respect to custom ROMs. It will browse, eRead, and serve some games with a great battery under the hood. A bunch of hacking later.

The Cheapest Android Tablet in the World

Fifty bucks. Fifty.

cheap android tablet
Velocity Cruz Tablet

This thing is almost as rad as a Transformer. Except that it is 7″ and *probably* too under-powered to run Flash.

It has killer battery life, so I will put this to use as an eReader. Not until I can maximize the performance…see if I can flash a ROM on this thing and overclock some stuff. Rooting and getting the Android Market will be the first step. Could be fun.