Samsung Vibrant Info

I haven’t weighed in on the current state of the cell-phone-o-sphere in some time. I beg your apologies. There are currently two phones that have me second guessing my affinity towards the HTC Incredible. Namely, the Samsung Vibrant and the BlackBerry Torch. Since I am 100% certain that I am done with RIM for the time being, I’m going to focus on the former.

Samsung + Android = solid machine. No doubt about that. My only qualms with Samsung has been shoddy user interfaces and a poor track record on the hardware side. That was completely established when the Moto Razr was the cool kid in school, and Samsung has really made improvements. The biggest improvement of all…the Vibrant is shipping with Android OS v2.1. Froyo is amazing, but eclair is no slouch.

samsung vibrant info
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I’ll cut to the chase. The same thing I love most about the Incredible (and too, the Droid X) is the smoking hot processor. Turns out, the Vibrant has a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor. And boom goes the dynamite. Par.

I’d be lying to say that I can afford to buy both the Incredible and the Vibrant, with the recent wedding, new dining room table, et cetera…I could, but it would be frowned upon, perhaps. Maybe more paid posts like this will change the situation, but I digress. I will say that the Samsung Vibrant Accessories have me questioning my loyalty to HTC. Not only the Samsung Vibrant Covers, cases, data cables, and what-not, but the phone is pretty sexy in general. Five megapixel camera, folks. 16 gigs internal storage, folks. Four inch screen…folks. I’m torn.

Long story short, take a look at the (I am getting paid to Samsung Accessories and see what you think. I’m up in the air, because this phone is 100% legit.