Nerd Bucket List

I guess I had better find a new bucket list entry…

ocarina of time 3D
ocarina of time 3D next?

I was so excited upon beating Ocarina of Time, I snapped a self portrait with the end-screen…

beating ocarina of time
zelda master

…and, I am in my 30s. Wow.

Now what? My nerd bucket list needs a new entry. Maybe I should finish my LED cube project. Maybe I should finish my command line Twitter work. Maybe I should take on Ocarina of Time 3D…

Probably not the last one…not pumped about the 3DS. Something great will ensue.

Wiitarded Concept

Lego Star Wars on Wii: Success
Lego Indiana Jones on Wii: Success
Lego Batman on Wii: Success
Lego Wiimote: Excuse me? Come again…


I’m confused as to why this product exists. That said, it does. That and that said, if you shell out $40, you can incorporate a working Wiimote into your Lego houses. For the loss.