Mexico #2

Slowly but surely getting some pics put together…enjoy this one in the mean time.
Dad and Julie enjoying the swim-up bar

Mexico #1

My sisters and I are still trying to figure out if we have any real photo documentation of our trip…here is a good one of Elizabeth in the meantime.


I know it doesn’t fit the page layout, but I like the pic…

Joe Sombrero

Adios amigos.
Sombrero Joe
I am off to write the script for National Lampoon’s Mexican Vacation… B.O.B. is holding down the bar; Katie is holding down the DDR pads.

Irony Defined

The Swantron family is headed to sunny Mexico for our first family get-together in a decade here in two weeks. In preparation for my trip, I decided to pick up a fresh new pair of Adidas Shell-toes.…white on white…free shipping…sign me up. This is what showed up:

Mexico Kicks

LOLercoaster. I’m rocking them…hopefully with a sombrero.