Moshi Monsters Cheats

Looking to adopt virtual monsters and or beasts? Well, swantron dot com has you covered, weirdo. Just kidding…I had to look these things up. Curious about moshi monsters cheats, first acquaint yourself with moshi monsters:

moshi moshi dood

Well, those cute little guys are associated with a site that has been billed as Facebook for kids. Moshi monsters have million upon millions of users, hence, a need for cheats. Hit that link to see a YouTube video that will help to explain what is going on. I most certainly had to look these things up, in order to author this post. Turns out there is a reason they can pay for me to do this…namely, the bank accounts of the parents of 25 million users. Weird.

Uranium For Sale…Yes, Please

This one was courtesy of deals.woot…and puzzling as hell. I’m not sure what this product is, but the related searches are classic:


and the comments are super-duper as well:

to the DeLorian

Digging the Back to the Future (BTTF) reference. Nicely played. Not as nice as ol’ #1, though…some half-life humor is great. Unfortunately, not accurate, since this is a jar of ore. Depending upon said ore’s richness, I’m supposing that if the details would true, you would still have pretty much the same amount of ore as you ordered, but I digress.

Funny stuff. I want some.

Joe Swanson? I beg to differ.

I have previously been asked (most often by the same dipshit girl at Wells Fargo) if I knew Joe Swanson, the cop. Nope. Great name, but I’ve never met the guy.

That said, it still looks weird seeing this in the Chronicle….with perhaps the most clumsy headline of all time…

I hope that is a Linux box, Joe

In Bizarro World, I suppose I am a cop. Like cop Joe Swanson, programmer Joe Swanson often rides dirty with a laptop and tactical shotgun. Cop Joe Swanson has a speed detector; programmer Joe Swanson has a speed detector detector. Cop Joe Swanson rolls with a Glock 40; (citation needed) programmer Joe Swanson rolls with a Glock 45.

I win. I always do.