Moving Boxes are not Boring

Boxes are the essence of moving…and cardboard is the essence of boxes

u-pack boxes

If you have a pending move on the horizon, you should most assuredly buy boxes from ABF U-Pack Moving…and not just because they paid me to say that. They offer a superior product, plain and simple.

Having undergone several moves in my day, I can tell you with some certainty that having the right boxes will make the entire process far, far easier. U-Pack offers bundled packages, box assortments, and single boxes of many given sizes. In addition to the actual boxes themselves, they offer moving and packing supplies…basically your moving one-stop moving shop. FTW.

Hit the above link for a clearer picture of what U-Pack has to offer…FWIW, you can schedule a reservateion for your move and get 10% lopped off the cost. Not too shabby.


What a week! I just got back to town after one hell of a vacation. I was almost too busy to celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, which coincidentally falls very near to the winter solstice. Whatever.

I started by getting back together with the ol’ gang from high school. Not much has changed for the most part.

Then Griff and ShirtShopTony did some cool ballooning.

Lastly. upon arriving back to Bozeman I swung down to the Legion to check the schedule only to find the ‘Hoff enjoying a cocktail. Mitch Buchanan himself. David was nice enough to pose for a quick picture before ordering another Gui Thai.

Sesame Street

which of these things is like the others…which of these things is not the same…

*hint: the urinals are different

Boy Band

All that remains now is our name (I was thinking 4-sure…but there are five of us) and a shit load of meterosexualizing. Ain’t no lie, baby bye bye bye…Bye Bye