Wiimote Input For Droid

Nerd cred…oh indEEd

that sums to plus 3
that sums to plus 3

Playing GBA games on a Droid is cool.
Playing GBA games on a Droid via a Wiimote is ubercool.

Once I can figure out the accelerometer input, I’ll post more. In the meantime, I’ll be playing a little Mario Pinball. Suckers.

Wiitarded Concept

Lego Star Wars on Wii: Success
Lego Indiana Jones on Wii: Success
Lego Batman on Wii: Success
Lego Wiimote: Excuse me? Come again…


I’m confused as to why this product exists. That said, it does. That and that said, if you shell out $40, you can incorporate a working Wiimote into your Lego houses. For the loss.