Re-Imaging Windows (For Work)

The Bozeman Oracle branch doesn’t have desktop support. As luck has it, I am a talented enough sleuth to troubleshoot Windows issues.

Me: “I have a virus that has infected a library used by IE. McAfee isn’t picking it up, and I can’t find any remedies online.”
Me: “Did you try rebooting?”
Me: “Yes. Several times.”
Me: “From the Control Panel, you can disable Windows features. Disable IE and use an alternate browser.”
Me: “The product I develop requires IE for installations.”
Me: “Curious. Re-image your machine.”

See…no need for the middle man.

windows re imaging

I haven’t horsed around with a Windows install for ages…getting a nice sense of nostalgia.

Triple Monitors at Work

It kills me a little bit inside every time I boot into Windows at work. Just a little bit. It seems like Microsoft is following Canonical’s lead, by introducing an Ubuntu-like hover bar deal to the taskbar in Windows 7. I won’t bother myself with figuring out who is doing the aping…we’ll just leave it at that.

Anyhow, the first real impressive feature I have found with Windows 7 is seamless handling of multiple monitors.

three monitors on windows 7

Getting triple monitors was *nearly plug and play. A few resolution tweaks and a reordering was all it took.

For what it is worth, that monitor placement is strategic. Suffice to say my view is much, much better now. (shutters)

Nice Try, Dipshit

In celebration of the release of Windows 7, (do not want) enjoy the following Bozeman craigslist entry…


Where do I begin?

1) Window NT came out in 1993???
2) $200 buys a 160gb netbook???
3) “If your savy”???

There it is…#3. Missed an apostrophe, an “e”, and a “v”. The poster likely would have caught that if he could have fired up the spell checker in Word Perfect…son-of-a-bitchin’ passwords, huh.

Seyonara Seven

As it happens, even with a memory upgrade Windows 7 is still a dog on my old Dell.
Solution…more Ubuntu
ubuntu 8.10
Looking forward to open source imaging…I still haven’t swiped Photoshop for my new notebook; paint, while awesomely nostalgic, is not quite cutting it.

Windows 7

So Windows 7 leaked a few days ago…why not? Between Kate and I, we have four Dell laptops in the house:

I figure it would round things out to convert my old 9300 to Windows 7. Grif is always down for a nerd project, and he is currently smoking me in our downloading competition. I’m going to try to transfer tomorrow (with a serious lack of RAM) and will keep you posted.