Antivirus Protection Chat

It pains me somewhat to admit that I still have a dual boot set-up on my primary laptop. 2010 is not the year of the Linux desktop, although Linux has gained all sorts of ground on Windows. Yes, citation needed. Google it…Ubuntu has brought Debian to the masses in the way of an easy-to-use Linux distro. That said, running a dual boot machine is easier than keeping a virtual machine up and running. I know, citation needed again.

That said, I still need to run Windows. I have Vista on my main box, since Quickbooks Online requires IE. I have no idea why this is so, but that is a different story entirely. My options are slim in this case; keep a Windows setup (with security issues and all) handy or go all Windows…pretty sure you all know what way I lean there. I have absolutely no idea if I can run IE on Ubuntu, and have no intention of finding this out. Pride is what it is.

That leaves me still subject to virii. Computer viruses and Windows go together like peas and carrots.

computer virus
for the loss

So, what to do? I’ll tell you what not to do…buy anything Norton is peddling. Not only do they offer poor protection at a premium price, but they have an awful track record of getting the ‘hard’ bugs until they are moot.

I have been searching for something to boost my security on my dual boot, and think I have found the answer. I ran across bullguard antivirus protection, and think they will be my next answer. AVG absolutely failed on Katie’s XP machine in regards to Anti Virus 2009, so I will not use that suite again… BullGuard looks to be on top of the game in regards to the new stuff.

They have a 30 day trial for free-99, so I’m all over it. Check back to see what comes of the whole deal, but I’m fairly certain I will be issue free. Issue free-99.

Tax Time 2010

There has been said to be two assured things in life: death and taxes. I prefer to file my taxes with a cool beer. I challenge anybody to be more American than this…e-filing with a pounder of Budweiser…

tax time is the best time
Windows FTL

Unfortunately, Turbo Tax does not cater to Linux users. Good thing I’m still clinging to the dual boot, as I had to fire up Vista to tackle this chore. Maybe next year will be the year of the Linux tax prep…

Windows 7

So Windows 7 leaked a few days ago…why not? Between Kate and I, we have four Dell laptops in the house:

I figure it would round things out to convert my old 9300 to Windows 7. Grif is always down for a nerd project, and he is currently smoking me in our downloading competition. I’m going to try to transfer tomorrow (with a serious lack of RAM) and will keep you posted.