Truck Gizmos

I’m sure a bunch of my reader base knows that I worked for several years in the lucrative field of landscaping. I did this after getting my math degree, which, logically, makes very little sense. Truth be told, I did quite well there…paid off school, bought a couple of vehicles, chugged cases upon cases of Red Bull, and primed myself for skin cancer. You win some, you lose some…or to use my degree, the probability of one winning or losing all is neither equally zero nor one. Math, for the win.

Why do I bring landscaping up? Because I accept money to write reviews, of course. Only, however, for products for which I feel I can personally vouch. After banging around in every type of vehicle setup imaginable, I can say with 100% confidence that the right accessory will make a work truck 100% less of a pain in the ass.

Here is where RealTruck comes into play. In the case of Morrison Design & Landscaping, we were in a constant struggle to keep our hand tools up and running….primarily since our gear bounced around, unsecured, in the back of our flatbeds. has some pretty sweet truck rack options. These would have been doubly useful for us, vertical storage for shovels, rakes, et al, in addition to lumber storage for fence jobs and tree stakes. I’m sort of jealous…


Anyhow, once I switched to doing irrigation, I was constantly making service runs with my (gangsta ass) Yukon. Having rotors, nozzles, funny pipe, shovels, emitters, Red Bull cans, and whatever else you can think of rattling around my rig was a major annoyance. RealTruck can help out with this…they carry a selection of van rack solutions…would have made my problem moot. They also have ladder rack options…for thine contractors. I spent very little time working general construction, but enough time to fall off several ladders. Not a fan.
...and stee-lo

Depending upon what sort of work you are doing, RealTruck has it. They have winches, mud flaps, and bedliners…something for everyone. FWIW, they also stock air intake kits and some slick Tonneau covers…for which I am a sucker.