My first Lolcat, a la MS Paint and Google Images:

And the application for ^ Lolcat

Zoot Month 1

I get tired of looking at my dual 20-inchers (note the excessive number of unix windows)

I imagine my dual 20-inchers tire of me too

***edit…emoticons work on wordpress but my fucking links don’t???***

Zoot, Day 2

I just wrapped up day two as a quality assurance analyst at Zoot Enterprises. The best thing about the job so far…
…sweet chew holder.

Big Rod suggested that I lighten my hi-liter lode to accommodate for a flask. Maybe next week.

Greetings from the ER

J.C. snapped a pic from the ER during the Great Bozeman Beach Incident of ’08 aftermath…
I think it would make for a good Christmas Card.